Innokas Medical's readiness to take part in global fight against COVID-19

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Especially now, due to COVID-19, the global demand is high for ventilators and other critical care products. At Innokas Medical, we have readiness and capacity to start the production of critical medical technology solutions in our three ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered manufacturing locations (in Oulu and Helsinki, Finland and in Tallinn, Estonia). As demand is high, we need to move quickly.


Additionally, we're able to introduce you our Covid-analytics and Care-at-home -concept. By Covid-19 Analysis of your patients, we concentrate on symptom description, disease tracing and comparisons with Swedish and US care organizations. Set-up two days and then daily updates. Care-at-home allows for monitored care of corona risk groups in order to release pressure on the upper parts of the care chain, more efficient use of healthcare resource and to prioritize patients in need. We're monitoring e.g. HBR, CO2, weight, temperature, activity.


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Written by Elina Ihme
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