Co-creation across national boundaries – Innokas Medical supports Augere Medical to develop system for AI-driven analysis for colorectal cancer detection

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Norwegian healthtech innovator Augere Medical AS has selected Innokas Medical as their co-creation partner to offer quality and regulatory as well as design and development support to bring their medical innovation to the market.


Augere Medical is a Norwegian startup with a dedicated team of medical doctors, computer scientists and business developers, working to bring cutting-edge AI to medical devices.


“Our goal is to reduce human variability in the inspection of diagnostic videos. Our patent-pending technology allows the system to take time and context into account when video is being analyzed in real-time”, tells Andreas Petlund, CEO at Augere Medical.


The company’s first product is a system for automatic analysis of video from the gastrointestinal tract. According to studies, today on average more than 20% of polyps are missed in colonoscopies. The aim of this AI-driven image and video analysis system is to provide decision support for doctors, raise the detection rate and prevent colorectal cancers.


“Our AI works like a trained physician as it analyses video in real time. Throughout our innovation we’re able to provide a second pair of eyes to catch the easily missed small polyps and flat lesions”, Petlund tells.


The increased detection reached by the innovation will lead to much less aggressive interventions and treatments, leading to healthier patients and lower healthcare costs.


Better outcome by co-creation


Augere Medical and Innokas Medical started quality and regulatory as well as design and development related co-operation earlier this year, when Augere Medical chose Innokas as their co-creation partner.


“In the first stage of the cooperation, we supported Augere Medical to create baseline and framework for company’s medical device development program”, tells Tomi Haapanen, working as Business Development Director at Innokas.


Nowadays Innokas helps the company to create and establish practical and efficient Quality Management System and implements the concept clarification phase for company’s product platform. This includes, e.g., the basic concept clarification tasks and deliverables, regulatory and risk impact analysis and updated budgetary estimate for the roadmap.


“We were looking for a cooperation partner with a proven track record for bringing high tech medical devices to the market. Innokas had impressively many of the skill sets on our wish-list in-house”, Petlund says and continues:


“Especially interesting for us was Innokas Medical’s knowledge and skills in quality and regulatory as well as in high performance GPU-based computing platforms suitable to run advanced AI-models in real time.”


Haapanen is very happy about that Innokas’ flexible and scalable service center model including wide range of expertise perfectly matches Augere Medical’s needs to co-create this innovation to the market.


“Through our service center model we’re able to utilize our quality and regulatory, design and development as well as manufacturing operations expertise in very flexible way as needed”, Haapanen tells.


“Thus, our customer is able to concentrate on their own core competences while Innokas completes their expertise and know-how throughout the whole lifecycle of their medical product”, he continues.


Petlund tells that the cooperation with Innokas Medical’s team has started well, as expected.


“So far we’re very satisfied. The good people from Innokas listen closely to our needs and requirements, keeping the stride and making sure we always have progress in the development project”, he tells.


Haapanen is also very excited about the cooperation that has been started with Augere Medical.


“Our vision is to improve the future of human centric healthcare by bringing new technologies, data and security to work together through agile design and development as well as appropriate and flexible service models. We see that Augere Medical’s needs fit perfectly in this vision and it’s great to be able to be part in creating better global healthcare together with the company. We’re very excited”, Haapanen concludes.


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