Innokas and Icare Finland signed a manufacturing agreement

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Innokas Medical and Icare Finland have recently signed a manufacturing agreement. The contract covers the manufacturing of Icare® HOME tonometer at Innokas Kempele factory. The actual work has started already with the production transfer, and later this year Innokas will prepare to manufacture the device for the customer.

Icare® HOME tonometer is a new innovation, designed for home use for glaucoma patients or people, who need regular IOP monitoring by ophthalmologist’s recommendation. Icare® HOME enables IOP monitoring anywhere and anytime, and it is one of the first methods for 24h IOP monitoring outside clinics. The new concept with continuous monitoring provides more information to the ophthalmologist and comfort for the patient. Also, the clinical efficiency can be improved. The device is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no liquid drops, air or specialized skills for its use. Icare® HOME is CE-marked, and it is today sold in Finland, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and China.

Timo Hilden, CEO at Icare Finland, says that Innokas was selected as the manufacturing partner because the company needed a partner with quality and industrial experience as well as strong expertise in healthcare technology manufacturing.

“Our mutual journey with Innokas has been a good one. Innokas has very talented team willing to cooperate and communicate with customers in a deep level. Innokas also has the industrial and quality know-how as well as the experience in manufacturing health technology products that we need. In addition, Innokas’ competitive pricing was one of the key issues affecting the choice”, Hilden says.

Innokas Medical and Icare Finland have worked together for several years already as Innokas has been Icare’s partner in different kind of product development projects, but the manufacturing agreement that has been recently signed can be seen as very significant, especially from the perspective of Innokas and Icare cooperation partnership. Innokas Medical’s Account Director Mikko Kangas is very excited about the new contract.

“Icare Finland is significant customer for Innokas, and it’s great to see the commitment by both companies to a long term partnership. It is remarkable to notice the customer’s trust on Innokas strong position as a pioneer in QA/RA issues in Scandinavia. Our continuous focus on development actions in QA/RA knowhow and expertise we have made recent years now bear fruits for Innokas”, Kangas says.

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