CareFusion Finland values Innokas' strong QA/RA experience

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CareFusion Finland employs +40 professionals based in Helsinki, Finland. The team runs global product engineering and QA/RA services for consumables and accessories portfolio in the field of patient monitoring and anesthesia delivery. This business of +1000 sellable items was acquired from GE Healthcare in 2014. Due to subsequent business acquisitions CareFusion Finland has been part of Becton Dickinson Corporation since 2015. Becton Dickinson is a medical technology giant with a staff of +45000 worldwide and corporate history of 118 years. Becton Dickinson has Medical and Life Science segments. BD Medical develops market-leading technologies such as Alaris® infusion pumps, Pyxis® automated dispensing and patient identification systems as well as AVEA®, AirLife™ and LTV® series ventilation and respiratory products

Innokas Medical and CareFusion Finland team have worked together for several years as Innokas has been CareFusion’s partner in different kind of product development projects. Innokas has offered its engineering services to CareFusion for example in cable design project with mechanical design, quality improvement and maintenance projects, cost reduction and usability design projects as well as supplier transfer projects. In addition to this Innokas’ designers have been involved in re-branding projects where product labels and logos have been changed to match with the new brand. According to CareFusion’s R&D Director Janne Ranta CareFusion Finland has partnered with Innokas due to company’s knowhow and solid experience from medical devices as well as its flexible operation.

“There are two main reasons why we chose Innokas to be our partner: the strong industry knowhow and flexible operations. We wanted to start to work with someone who is familiar with the medical device industry and for whom we can trust – Innokas was the one. In addition to this Innokas has been very flexible; if they haven’t had suitable resources to offer we have searched for new resources together. Innokas has been very resourceful and trustworthy partner”, Ranta says.

Ranta tells the cooperation between CareFusion and Innokas has been excellent. In addition to this he wants to highlight the strong experience in QA/RA and QMS requirements Innokas has.

“Our cooperation has been excellent for several years, so we haven’t had any reason to search for a new partner. The designers and engineers who work in the field need to be familiar with the quality systems as well as the regulatory requirements, and the documentation needs to be done with high quality and proven traceability as the devices and accessories designed for professional medical use will end up to various audit processes. That’s why the familiarity with the industry is very crucial; not just anyone can design medical devices! We at CareFusion really trust on Innokas’ knowhow and we can count on that their engineering professionals can cope with all QA/RA requirements well”, Ranta tells.

Ranta mentions also that they really appreciate Innokas Medical’s way to take care of the business relationship with CareFusion. He explains that they’ve felt that their company have gained added value through Innokas Account Manager’s proactive way of bringing new business opportunities to CareFusion.

“Innokas Account Manager has introduced us with Innokas’ own partner network. We’ve been organizing brainstorming sessions to plan new business opportunities via broader partnership. We have found this very valuable”, Ranta concludes.