UKK Terveyspalvelut is on a mission to enhance health and wellbeing

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UKK Terveyspalvelut Ltd., whose headquarters are located in Tampere Finland, is working with an important matter: together with its main owner, the UKK Institute, the company promotes the health-enhancing physical activity and wellbeing of the Finnish population. Innokas Medical is involved in this mission by manufacturing RM42 Activity Meters, developed by UKK Terveyspalvelut, for company’s various projects and baseline measurements.


UKK Terveyspalvelut Ltd. is a Finnish company focusing on offering versatile services based on health, healthy living and wellbeing.

"We are a partner and a service provider focused on health and wellbeing solutions for the ongoing digital revolution of health care in Finland. We offer a wide range of services to businesses and communities to support wellbeing at work, activity measurement programs, health surveys, fitness tests and training programs”, tells Teemu Haapala, CEO at UKK Terveyspalvelut Ltd.

The company works in close cooperation with its main owner, the UKK Institute, whose purpose is to promote public health. Through research, training and communication they support people in adopting healthy life styles. UKK institutes aim is to promote physical activity and to reduce the number of injuries occurring at home or leisure.

"One of our goal is to get measurement & interpretation of the health-enhancing physical activity to be part of the national health care system”, Haapala explains.


RM42 Activity Meters are manufactured at Innokas


Innokas Medical is involved in the mission to improve health and wellbeing of population in a role of contract manufacturer: Innokas manufactures the RM42 Activity Meters, developed by UKK Terveyspalvelut, at its Kempele factory.

“Our RM42 Activity Meter originates from research use. We now utilize it also in other various projects and baseline measurements, where we’re tracing physical activity and sedentary behavior as well as the duration and quality of the sleep”, Haapala explains and continues:

“RM42 differs from consumer products by not giving any feedback or showing any measured data to the users. The meter does not process the data it collects either – it only records the acceleration signal data, which is gathered and analyzed after the research period by us.”

Haapala says that Innokas was selected as a manufacturing partner especially because of the company’s strong quality and regulatory knowhow.

“The companies manufacturing healthcare technology does have very high quality standards, and these standards are usually built into the company’s internal processes through which the company works, every single day. This was one of the main reasons why we wanted to choose Innokas Medical, known as high of quality and reliable partner, to manufacture our products – even though our Activity Meter is not a medical device”, Haapala tells.

”We believe that we’re going to gain an added value from our partnership in the future if we decide to start the medicalization project for our device, meaning if we decide to acquire CE marking for it”, he continues.

He feels that the co-operation with Innokas has worked well. In particular, he wants to emphasize Innokas’ customer oriented way of operation.

“The first deliveries were conducted already in 2016, and the latest production batches were manufactured in the end of 2017. With the first deliveries there were some changes and fixes that needed to be handled, but Innokas’ performance was efficient so the changes were addressed effectively”, Haapala tells.

“We’ve been particularly happy with Innokas’ problem-solving skills and with their ability to listen to the customer and to communicate with the customer. Innokas has offered us very customer-oriented service experience, and our cooperation will continue also in the future”, he concludes.

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