Innokas further strengthens its position in Scandinavia

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Innokas Medical continues internationalization; Innokas Medical has entered into agreement with C-Rad Positioning AB. The agreement brought yet another Swedish customer to Innokas, so this serves as natural next step in Innokas’ growth and internationalization.

C-Rad Positioning AB is a Swedish medical technology company which offers products for patient positioning, monitoring, and tumor localization for radiation therapy. In new advanced radiation therapy techniques, the radiation dose must be delivered to the tumor with extremely high precision and microsecond timing; C-RAD’s positioning and scanning products assure just that. The company’s products are used for positioning radiotherapy patients for treatment so that the patient is placed exactly the same way during each treatment time. The company’s products have been launched several years ago, and sales volumes are growing. Products are sold in Europe, North America and Asia.

Innokas Medical and C-Rad Positioning AB have recently signed a manufacturing agreement.The contract covers the manufacturing of C-RAD’s Catalyst and Sentinel products at Innokas Kempele factory. The actual work has started already with the production transfer. Tommi Kaasalainen, Executive Vice President at Innokas Medical, is very excited about the new contract.

“Signing the agreement with C-RAD is a concrete result of our efforts to strengthen our position in Scandinavia. Competing against local contract manufacturers in Sweden we knew that we had to bring a very competitive offering to the table. So the team worked very hard to set up a cost-effective operational model for the collaboration. Additionally, both companies´ focus and experience on delivering medical devices to the US market was in my opinion crucial to the completion of the deal. Thanks for the agreement belong to all who participated in the process on both Innokas and C-Rad side. Now we are just focusing on exceeding the expectations of the customer”, Kaasalainen says.

Tim Thurn, CEO & President at C-Rad Positioning AB, expects the cooperation between Innokas and C-Rad to work well from the start. Reflecting on the supplier evaluation performed by C-Rad, Innokas was selected as the best alternative to manufacture the company’s products.

“We’ve been very satisfied with the co-operation with Innokas from the very beginning. We started the process with 3 suppliers involved in the negotiations, and after going through the pricing, operational model and auditing facilities and quality system Innokas ended up being the most competitive supplier. I’m very pleased with the proactive approach during the quotation and negotiation phase. The work has now started and we are very excited take the step to the next level together with Innokas”, Thurn states.