Ajat is satisfied with Innokas’ customer oriented operation

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Oy Ajat Ltd. is a dynamic Finnish company designing, developing and manufacturing in-house, cutting-edge digital radiation imaging sensors for dental, industrial and medical applications. Within its state of the art facility, Ajat designs and manufactures a variety of X- and Gamma Ray Digital Imaging Sensors based on the new paradigm: direct conversion utilizing CdTe or CdZnTe interconnected to CMOS readout chips. Ajat also offers dental panoramic/cephalometric systems, incorporating the unique sensor technology (ART Plus ® series).

Innokas Medical has been one of Ajat’s partners in Intraoral Sensor project – in the PCB layout work. In the project Ajat is developing a direct conversion intraoral sensor based on Silicon pixel detector and CMOS for dental market. Ajat’s Project Manager, Pasi Laukka, says that Innokas was selected as the design partner especially because of Innokas’ experience and industry knowhow.

“The most important criteria affecting the choice were Innokas’ experience and long-term know-how in medical device designing. In addition, Innokas had the engineers with appropriate technical backgrounds available for the project”, Laukka says.

According to Laukka the co-operation between Innokas and Ajat has worked well. He values especially Innokas flexible services and customer oriented operation. In addition, Laukka is very pleased that the specific tasks in the project were completed precisely within the agreed schedule.

“We’ve been very satisfied with the co-operation with Innokas. The assigned PCB-layout design tasks were completed on schedule, and I feel that there is really nothing but good to say about our cooperation. A significant factors contributing to the smooth cooperation has been Innokas Medical’s desire to listen and understand its customers’ needs, and Innokas’ flexibility with the schedule and operation. We definitely want to continue our cooperation with Innokas in the future, also”, Laukka concludes.

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Written by Elina Ihme
Head of Marketing and Communications
Medical Device Product Development, Customer Success Story