Innokas has entered into agreements with major international customers

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Innokas Medical continues internationalization: Innokas Medical has entered into agreements with major international customers

Innokas Medical has entered into R&D agreements with two healthcare technology companies which operate in Central Europe. Both agreements brought two completely new customers to Innokas, so the new contracts are a significant step in Innokas’ growth and internationalization.

The first agreement was signed with a large, globally operating company headquartered in France. Based on the agreement, Innokas Medical will develop a device for patient monitoring which will be required in the future to verify that prescribed treatment has been used when public funding has been provided. The project will start with a feasibility study, where the suitability of the product’s new sensor technology will be studied. If the results are good enough, Innokas Medical will commercialize the concept and prepare to manufacture it for the customer. Tommi Kaasalainen, VP of Sales and Marketing at Innokas Medical, is very excited about the new contract.

“The sales process was long and thorough, as it began already in the summer of last year. At the beginning there were dozens of competing suppliers involved in the negotiations, and after various steps Innokas was selected as the best alternative from the customer’s point of view. This is a very comprehensive customer from the point of view of product liability, because both R&D and manufacturing work are included. This is a very important new customer for us, as it has real potential for growing to become a key customer for Innokas. Thanks for the agreement belong to all who participated in the sales process at Innokas. Now we are just focusing on exceeding the expectations of the customer in the project”, Kaasalainen says.

The second new agreement was signed with a company that operates in the medical sector in Central Europe and focuses on non-invasive treatments. The project will also start with a feasibility study to verify the customer’s concept of a new cooling system by means of thermal and hydraulic simulation models and a prototype of the system. Jenni Tuulos, Helsinki Site Engineering Manager at Innokas Medical, sees that the team who participated in the sales process of the project handled the finalization of the agreement very smoothly.

“Our customer-oriented way of operating was reflected in the sales process at various stages. We listened to our customer and to what they really need, and we reshaped our quotation several times to meet the customer’s needs. After receiving the request for a quotation, a member of our engineering team was sent to meet the customer on-site to get familiar with the customer’s current device. I’m very satisfied with both our sales and engineering teams, who were very proactive during the quotation phase”, Tuulos says.

Kaasalainen sees that the agreements are very significant for Innokas, especially from the perspective of internationalization. In addition, he is very pleased that Innokas Medical is able to participate in the projects already during the feasibility study phase.

“These agreements are very significant steps in Innokas Medical’s internationalization. Both agreements will strengthen our international customer base. In addition, it is great that our role in our customers’ development projects is at a level where we can be involved in the projects at a very early feasibility study phase. I think it says something about our customers’ confidence in our R&D services”, Kaasalainen concludes.