Sooma values Innokas' wide-ranging manufacturing capacity

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Sooma Oy is a Finnish start-up company founded in 2013 that operates in the healthcare technology sector. The company is developing non-invasive brain stimulation devices for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Sooma is a ISO9001 and ISO13485-certified company, as well. The company’s first product, Sooma tDCS, is a portable device for treating major depressive disorder (MDD). The device is based on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) technique, which is a non-invasive, painless brain stimulation treatment that uses direct electrical currents to stimulate specific parts of the brain. A constant, low intensity current is passed through electrodes placed over the head which modulates neuronal activity. The device was developed in close cooperation with specialists in the field, and it has a CE label. Operating methods that comply with the ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality systems ensure the product’s quality and reliability.

Innokas Medical has been Sooma’s manufacturing partner in the 0-series production of Sooma tDCS device. Innokas has also consulted Sooma about the product’s manufacturability, documentation, and other instructions during the 0-series production phase. Jani Virtanen, Sooma’s COO and Chairman of the Board, has been very satisfied with the collaboration with Innokas Medical.

“We have only completed the 0-series production for now, and it went very well indeed! Innokas Medical’s operation has been rapid and of high quality, and communication between us has also been smooth and straightforward. An especially valuable characteristic that comes to mind is Innokas’ ability to give us feedback about assembly instructions and technical issues, as this will help us in further developing our product”, Virtanen says.

Innokas Medical was chosen as a partner especially because of its know-how in quality systems and its wide-ranging manufacturing capacity.

“The fact that Innokas Medical has ISO9001 and ISO13485 certificates is very significant for us. Innokas’ wide-ranging manufacturing capacity is also a very good thing for the future. We also wanted our subcontracting partner to be working close to us”, Virtanen continues.