Our new strategy shows in 2022 HIMSS in Helsinki June 14-16th

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Last year Innokas launched a new strategy to seek strong growth. This means we are extending our presence into new market areas as well as developing our services and launching new ones. In 2022 we have started to implement our strategy into our daily lives. With the new strategy in mind, we are attending the 2022 HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition in Helsinki in June 14-16th.


HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is a global society committed to reforming the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology. This event in June brings the European healthcare community and experts in healthcare digitization together. In this conference Innokas Medical has two strong themes; we are there with our software house, Digious, and presenting our new and unique MDR Fast Track.


Meet Digious

Healthcare technology digitalization requires continuous development and investments from companies. Business concept and brand Digious, was created in 2021 to not only increase the awareness that we have a highly-skilled SW team and special expertise in developing medical software but first and foremost, to help our customers through healthcare digital transformation.


Today, our software house Digious is a full-service provider. Our solutions and services for medical and healthcare sectors are based on four base pilars:

  • Web & Mobile apps
  • Healthtech integrations
  • Medical device connectivity
  • Guidance to medical SW
Whether a customer needs help for example, in creating a medical web or mobile app or connecting device to EMR/EHR, connecting a medical device to the cloud or hospital system or simply guidance in medical software development, Digious team will be there to help. We can extend the customer’s team with the right experts or deliver turn-key solutions. All designed and tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements.


At the HIMSS conference, one of the themes is Healthtech Integrations. We are a member of HL7 association, and participating in the work on integrations systems and standards. For example, one of these is FHIR standard (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) which is designed to enable health data, including clinical and administrative data, to be quickly and efficiently exchanged. With unified and international standards companies can for example enter the international markets faster.


Presenting MDR Fast track

MDR Fast Track is our new service for innovative MedTech companies to shorten and simplify the route to the medical device market and to a successful, growing business. Healthcare technology is in high demand to address the challenges of today’s healthcare, at the same time introducing new technologies is not easy. The entire process from an idea to a medical device on the market is heavily regulated and the path is laborious – especially for startups only building up their team and development processes. We believe things can be made simpler – without risking the patient or end-user health and safety.


Innokas Medical has an established and well-functioning QMS with all the necessary pieces in place, and has the capability to use our well-oiled tools and practices for the benefit of our customers. With MDR Fast Track, we can enable customers’ product rapid market entry to a highly regulated domain by letting them outsource the regulatory burden. This unique service was launched this week and we are very excited to share it with you.


Come and meet us in HIMSS! We are happy to tell you more about Digious and MDR Fast Track and of course, all our services. We will have a team of experts at your service during the conference. Our CEO Janne Kostamo will attend the event on Wednesday. He will gladly tell you more about our new strategy and answer questions about MDR Fast Track. Antti Kaltiainen, CTO and leading Digious Business, is there to talk more about Digious services. And of course, our Sales and Marketing team will also join the event. You can find us in the Finnish Pavilion, section 912.


Send us a message and let’s meet at the conference!


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