Innokas Medical strengthens its expertise in project management and software development and testing

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Innokas Medical has further reinforced its know-how in medical device design and development. Two new resources have joined Innokas’ SW development team, while the teams of project managers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers have grown by one new resource for each team during the first months of this year.


Petri Jolma (B.Sc., Electrical Engineering) started to work as Project Manager in Innokas Design Studio at the beginning of this year. Jolma came to work at Innokas from Sanmina, where he was holding NPI Project Manager title. His main responsibilities there were managing customer projects in New Product Introduction and product concept phases and ensuring the production capacity and production transfers for new products. Before Sanmina, he has worked e.g. at Orbis Systems in product development tasks as well as at JOT Automation as Senior Project Manager. 


Jolma says he has enjoyed working at Innokas very much. He especially looks forward on the new product development projects he has the chance to work with at Innokas.


“I’m very excited on this opportunity to join Innokas’ talented Design Studio team! I especially look forward to the different kinds of interesting and challenging product development projects I’m able to work with together with our customers and with my new, skilled colleagues”, he says and continues:


“We have very good team spirit here at Innokas and our working community itself is very inspiring, which surely have impressed me and affected on my positive experience when starting here as new employee.”


Jolma says it is very meaningful for him that the devices Innokas Medical develops and manufactures produce tangible benefits for both medical staff and patients. Additionally, the company’s references as well as Innokas’ growth opportunities affected on his choice to apply the open position at Innokas.


”I strongly believe in our future growth targets and that we’re able to reach them together as a company. In my role as a project manager, I see the main attributes measuring our success is customer satisfaction, profitability of the projects and the work satisfaction of my team members. I believe that if we are able to successfully reach these targets as a team, we will directly have an impact on our company’s growth possibilities in the future”, he concludes.


Jolma’s main location is at the Innokas Medical Kempele office.


New talents in software development team


The software is becoming more and more important part of medical devices in the future. That’s why it is very crucial for the companies working in the field to be able to develop even more complex and easy-to-maintain and -test software, which also meets the growing regulatory requirements as well as customers’ needs. Thus, Innokas Design Studio wants to continuously reinforce its in-house SW development and test automation know-how.


The latest investment in this competence area was when Innokas recruited new talents to strengthen Innokas’ SW and Test Automation team even further. Atiq Mahmud (B.Sc., Electronic & Communication Engineering), who is finalizing his M.Sc. degree in Biomedical Engineering (Signal & Image Processing), started to work as SW Trainee at Innokas, and Nina Salmu’s (B.Eng., Medical Engineering) role is SW Testing Engineer.


“In practice, I’m working with software testing and verification tasks and, if necessary, I’m also updating test plans. Later in the spring I will also join to a customer project to build project-specific SW and HW testing practices right from the beginning”, Salmu explains.


She came to work at Innokas from Thermo Fisher Scientific, where she was working as Verification and Validation Engineer for medical devices. Salmu says she is very excited about the opportunity to continue her work with medical devices now when she has moved back to her hometown Oulu.


“I see it is easier to bring new kinds of development ideas for the company and to its projects and practices as a newcomer, when your brain is not used to doing things in certain way. Thus, I believe I’m able to utilize my earlier work experience to develop Innokas’ testing processes even further”, Salmu ponders and continues:


“In the medial field, quality is the main core of our activities, and one of the purposes of SW testing is to ensure that all the required criteria are met. It is also important to find the problems and fix them before the final product reaches the customer or the end user. Thus, I see my role as important part of Innokas’ Design Studio value chain. I’m really excited about this opportunity to join this company and its team!”


In addition to new resources in project management and SW development and testing teams, Antti Lämsä (B.Sc., Mechanical and Production Engineering) and Joonas Leskinen (finalizing his studies in M.Sc., Electrical Engineering) have joined Innokas Medical’s Design Studio team. Lämsä has started as Mechanical Engineer and Leskinen as Electrical Engineer.