How to choose the right co-creation partner to save both time and money when designing and developing medical devices?

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MedTech business is changing and getting more diverse. The technical complexity, caused mainly by digitization, is increasing. New technologies are being introduced at faster pace, the impact of software is growing and the importance of wireless as well as mobility features are increasing. In addition, the user experience, safety and security are even more crucial nowadays. Regulations governing MedTech are increasing globally and are covering wider range of applications and devices.


It is time-consuming and requires considerable expertise to take all this into account and may cause that developing new medical devices becomes slower and more expensive.


Thus, medical device developers are entering a new kind of playground. Companies need to know and master a vast number of different technologies, platforms and regulatory requirements already on a very early phase of the product life cycle. At the same time, there is a common pressure; companies should seek lower costs, higher quality and especially faster market entry for their innovations. We argue that every medical device OEM has faced or will face these issues.


One way to become a winner in this global competition is to establish close co-creation partnerships. The key is to select such a partner that the needed spectrum of expertise is available already from the early phase. We all know that there are plenty of companies offering medical device design and development as well as manufacturing services. To save both time and money, while ensuring the high quality of your medical product, you should choose your partner wisely.


But how to choose the best one? What should be considered? We can help you with that! Download our brand new, free White Paper, which aims to share, in our opinion, the most significant areas to think  when choosing your partner for design and development of a new medical innovation to the market. You’re welcome!

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