Medica brought new contacts for Innokas

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Once again, Innokas Medical participated in the Medica trade fair, which was held in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 18th to 21st of November. The Medica fair is one of the largest exhibitions in the field of medical technology forming an entity that covers the entire production chain in healthcare technology, from individual components to quality systems and end products. This year altogether 120,000 professionals attended the fair.


Among 7 other Finnish and Oulu based medtech companies, Innokas participated the fair by joining the Finnish joint stand organized by OuluHealth.


“Our aim was to provide an easy and cost-efficient solution for Oulu based companies to take part in Medica to demonstrate their innovations and to network with other companies in the field. From our point of view, the participation was very fruitful; altogether 8 medical and healthcare technology companies from Oulu participated the fair with us, and the feedback given after Medica week has been very positive!”, tells Salla Hirvonen, working as an Account Manager at OuluHealth.


Innokas was represented at the Medica fair by Innokas’ Business Development representatives Heikki Norros, Jan Pauve and Thomas Sillman and by Elina Rautiola, working as Head of Marketing and Communications at Innokas. Rautiola considers that the exhibition participation was beneficial.


“We see that the joint stand system OuluHealth organized is a really smart and cost-efficient way to compile companies from the same country in the same pavilion to represent Finnish health technology expertise and know-how. Our stand place was in a good spot and all the arrangements by OuluHealth went very well”, tells Rautiola.


Sillman sees the Medica fair as effective international meeting point and place to network with professionals in the field. He also tells that Medica brought good new contacts to Innokas.


“Year after year, Medica offers a great overview of trends and offering in the medical field, so the days spent in Medica were really good! And again this year, Medica brought many new leads to further follow-up to Innokas, so we see the participation was very beneficial”, Sillman tells.


Medica will be arranged next year from 16th to 19th of November.


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Written by Elina Ihme
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