Innokas Medical and Serres together support children in specialized medical care, and their families

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In addition to co-creating the future of healthcare together, Innokas Medical and Serres have decided to bring their cooperation in the next level by becoming corporate partners of important charity work.


Innokas Medical has lived for healthcare technology for over 20 years. Since 1994 we’ve improved the quality of people’s lives by crafting healthtech ideas to reality. Co-creation of new innovations to final medical products together with our customers benefit also those seriously ill child patients, whose families are supported with accommodation by Ronald McDonald House near the hospital in Helsinki Meilahti. There is a huge need for a solution like this as almost 400 families are staying in the House every year – some of them for one night, others even for months.


“The ethical and moral ground for Ronald McDonald House Charities is super strong and there is also a clear link to our business. With the high-quality medical devices and services we develop and manufacture, we can help people to live better and healthier life. Some of those devices can also be used for diagnosis and treatment of children whose families are supported and helped by the Charity”, ponders Elina Rautiola, Head of Marketing and Communications at Innokas Medical.


“Our aim is to build long-term partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities through which we can carry out our social responsibility as a company. Through this partnership we’re able even more concrete way to feel how important and meaningful our everyday work at Innokas is”, she continues.


The cooperation partnership between Innokas Medical and Ronald McDonald House Charities begun already last year with Christmas charity campaign. In the campaign, Innokas offered to its personnel an opportunity by donation and Christmas greetings to support the children and their families who spent their Christmas in hospital. Innokas encouraged its personnel to donate by promising the company will double the total amount of euros that Innokas personnel will collect.


“The target of our Christmas charity campaign was to collect the amount that is equivalent to one year’s stay of a seriously ill child’s mother or father in the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital. The total amount of donation was 4015 euros, which was our target”, Rautiola tells.


Bringing families near their seriously ill children by Guest Room sponsorship


The cooperation with Ronald McDonald House continues again this year as Innokas Medical and Serres have together decided to start supporting the Ronald McDonald House in Helsinki by guest room sponsorship.


“In addition to co-creating the future of healthcare together, Innokas Medical and Serres have decided to bring our cooperation to the next level by becoming corporate partners in this important charity work. By this Guest Room sponsorship, we are able to support the families by bringing them near their seriously ill children when he or she is being treated in the Children’s Hospital in Helsinki”, Rautiola tells.


Serres and Innokas Medical will sponsor one of the 14 guest rooms (the room called “Puna-Apila”) of the House. Sponsorship helps offset the cost of operating the House, offering families a homelike place to stay closed by their hospitalized child at a low cost. By staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Helsinki families can focus on the health of their child while allowing the child to get the best care possible – even if its hundreds of kilometers away from home.


“We are extremely happy to help keep families together and near the care they need when they need it the most. The principle idea of the Ronald McDonald House is that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on the health of their child. This aligns perfectly with our aim, which is to enable all stakeholders we work with to focus where it matters the most;  whether it is the healthcare staff in the hospital or the families that we can help through programs like these”, ponders Mari Makkonen, working as Marketing Manager at Serres Oy.


Katariina Schmidt, working as Marketing and Fundraising Manager at the House, is very grateful for the partnership with Innokas Medical and Serres.


“Ronald McDonald House supports families of seriously ill children by creating a community of comfort and hope and by providing accommodation to them near the Children’s Hospital. Our aim is to ensure funding for our operation and to take care of the House activities together with cooperation partner companies. Without them, the operation of the House would not be even possible. Once again, we’d like to thank Innokas Medical and Serres on the guest room sponsorship”, Schmidt tells.




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More information about Ronald McDonald House Charities:


Ronald McDonald House, located in Meilahti Helsinki, aims to support families of seriously ill children by creating a community of comfort and hope by providing accommodations near the Children’s Hospital. During the treatment, the families can stay in a home-like environment walking distance from the hospital where the children is being treated.


The operations of the House has been taken care of by independent Ronald McDonald House Charities, which is established by McDonald’s Corporation. It is part of the worldwide Ronald McDonald House Charities foundation which headquarter is located in Chicago, USA. Today, there are more than 350 Houses established already in over 40 countries. The operations of the foundation are sponsored by, e.g. McDonald’s and other cooperation companies.


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