Innokas Medical visited the Ronald McDonald House in Helsinki with Christmas Greetings

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Innokas Medical supports children and their families spending the Christmas at hospital this year. The company organized Christmas charity campaign with its personnel in favor of Ronald McDonald House Charities.


Innokas Medical started a cooperation partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities in the past autumn.


 “The ethical and moral ground for Ronald McDonald House Charities is super strong and there is also a clear linkage to our business. The aim is to build long-term partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities through which we can carry out our social responsibility as a company”, told Elina Rautiola, Marketing and Communications Manager at Innokas Medical, earlier in the autumn.


The cooperation partnership between Innokas Medical and Ronald McDonald House Charities started with Christmas charity campaign in November. During the campaign, Innokas offered its personnel an opportunity by donation to support the children and their families who spend their Christmas in hospital.


“Innokas, as a company, encouraged the personnel to donate by promising the company will double the total amount of euros that Innokas personnel will collect”, Rautiola tells.


In addition to the donation, Innokas Medical took part in the global event, #GivingTuesday, which was officially organized for the first time in Finland this year. #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving, which was started in 2012 in USA as a response to commercialization and consumerism (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) in the post-Thanksgiving -season.


“As a part of our Christmas charity campaign, we took part in Giving Tuesday, which was held in the end of November. During that day we gathered together to craft some Christmas Greeting cards to the children and their families spending their Christmas at the House this year”, says Rautiola.


In the end, all cards were gathered together as a Christmas Wreath, and it was handed over to the House together with the donation.


“The target of our Christmas charity campaign was to collect the amount that is equivalent to one year’s stay of a seriously ill child’s mother or father in the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital. In practice, this means sum of 4015 euros”, Rautiola discusses.


“I’m very glad that together we made it – the total amount of donation was 4015 euros, which was handed over to the House in the middle of December. Thanks belongs to all our employees”, she tells.


Katariina Schmidt, working as Marketing and Fundraising Manager at the House, is very grateful for the new partnership with Innokas Medical.


“The aim of Ronald McDonald House Charities is to take care of the House activities and to ensure funding for our operation together with cooperation partners. Without them, the operation of the House would not be even possible”, Schmidt tells and continues:


”Once again, we’d like to thank Innokas Medical and their personnel about the Christmas spirit they were able to bring to the House this year through both the donation and the Christmas Greetings they crafted. We’re very grateful about the campaign the company organized together with its personnel.”


Joulukranssi V2The Christmas Wreath Innokas Medical crafted with its personnel.


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Elina Rautiola, Marketing & Communications Manager, Innokas Medical Ltd.:

Katariina Schmidt, Marketing & Fundraising Manager, Ronald McDonald House Charities:

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Written by Elina Ihme
Head of Marketing and Communications