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Serres Group and Innokas Medical continue to strengthen their co-creation strategy and position in Scandinavia when Serres Group launches a new cooperation company in Sweden. Cubist IT AB is acting as an independent subsidiary of Serres Group focusing on data driven solutions for tomorrow’s healthcare. Cubist was co-founded in September by Thomas Davidsson, Oliver Trepte, Leonard Lorentzen and Henrik Larsen together with Finnish company Serres Group Oy. 


“In Serres Group and Innokas Medical, our strategy is based on co-creation mindset, which highlights the value add of strategic partnerships. This new Swedish company, launched by Serres Group, is a perfect match to our strategy”, tells Jouni Toijala, CEO at Innokas Medical.


“In cooperation with Cubist, Innokas will be able to offer our customers even better support in the future, as Cubist completes Innokas’ wide competence pool with their deep specialist competence in AI, machine learning and data driven solutions. Now we’re able to put even more focus on staying ahead on the digital transformation in healthcare”, he continues.


The Cubist founding team – Davidsson, Lorentzen, Trepte and Larsen – have been in the life science business together for more than 15 years now. The aim is to focus to build and grow Cubist around the vision of healthier and happier people by data science, AI and machine learning services.


“With the understanding of many of the challenges in today’s healthcare together with our tech experience, we can contribute to making use of healthcare resources in a more efficient and cost-effective way”, says Thomas Davidsson, Co-Founder at Cubist.


“We see that health is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and we believe data holds important keys to improving health for many people. There are too many reports and promising researches staying on the idea stage, and we want to make a difference by helping to implement them to add true clinical value”, he continues.


Virtual hospitals – first strategic project


Cubist has already launched its first projects in Sweden. The first one is a joint development project implemented in the Swedish region Halland.


“The focus of the first project is on developing Home Care and Virtual Hospitals in homes”, Davidsson tells.


This promising development for healthcare is the logical next step of one of the already existing projects in the Halland region, where patient data has been collected and analyzed by Region Halland, Halmstad Högskola and Brigham Womens Hospitals.


“We are very happy to have Cubist as a partner in this project to contribute with experience from the healthcare sector together with deep specialist competence in AI and machine learning”, says Dr Philip Anderson at Harvard Medical School and Magnus Clarin, Dean of Halmstad Högskola.


Serres Group as Co-Founder of Cubist


Cubist is co-founded by Finnish company Serres Group Oy, including a range of healthcare companies. One of the companies is Innokas Medical, working with design and development, regulatory approvals and manufacturing of wide variety of medical devices. Serres Oy, also part of the Serres Group, is the largest supplier of suction bag systems in Europe - and the second-largest worldwide.


“We are very proud to welcome Cubist into our family of co-operating companies”, says Mika Hagberg, CEO of Serres Group Oy.


“We have now three very strong entities where one operates close to the hospital end-users, one operates as a partner for companies developing products for hospital use and Cubist is the one completing a hat-trick of our competences by strongly focusing on data science, machine learning and AI – helping us to stay ahead on the digital transformation today and in the future”, he concludes.


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