Orion Diagnostica values Innokas' wide-ranging expertise

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Orion Diagnostica Oy is part of Orion Group, the leading health care company in Finland. Orion Diagnostica develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic tests and test systems. It specialises in easy-to-use, cost-effective clinical in vitro diagnostic tests and hygiene monitoring solutions designed to improve health care effectiveness and individual well-being. The focus is on Point-of-Care diagnostic tools that enable healthcare professionals to detect diseases more quickly, make evidence-based diagnoses and treatment decisions, and follow up treatment outcomes.

Orion Diagnostica’s flagship product is QuikRead go®, a rapid and easy-to-use diagnostic test system. The system is used, for example, to measure C-reactive protein and haemoglobin concentrations from a from a small finger-stick blood sample as well as to detect Group A streptococci causing tonsillitis.

Innokas Medical has been Orion Diagnostica’s partner in a project on the production of the QuikRead go instrument. Project Manager Vesa Vilkas especially emphasises Innokas Medical’s ability to accept feedback and drive to grow with the customer.

“As a whole the project went well. Despite schedule challenges not related to Innokas Medical, production was started as planned. The employees’ capability for continuous improvement and willingness to learn the special requirements related to the product as well as product testing and maintenance considerably contributed to the successful completion of the project,” Vilkas says.

Also Jaakko Rissanen, Orion Diagnostica’s President, finds that the cooperation with Innokas Medical has been smooth.

“Innokas Medical’s wide expertise as a full-service provider is quite exceptional in the Finnish healthcare technology segment. The company also seemed to have adequate know-how from purchasing to maintenance and final packing. Collaboration between Innokas Medical and Orion Diagnostica has proceeded in a very positive spirit. A significant factor contributing to the smooth cooperation has been Innokas Medical’s desire to listen to and understand its customers’ needs,” Rissanen continues.

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Written by Elina Ihme
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