Innokas entering Circular Design program – Expertise and concrete actions needed to implement sustainability

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We are proud to announce that Innokas Medical is taking part in Circular Design training program.   

The program is the first of its kind and Innokas Medical is the first MedTech company to join. Sustainability issues are on the rise also in the MedTech field, but circular economy has been sparsely addressed due to the strict regulations that set priorities for the product development. Jouni Riuttanen, who attends the strategic track of the program designed for the executives, explains why.   


“Sustainability is a challenge. Safety and hygiene standards are high and implementing the circular design principles should not compromise the safety of the product,” says Riuttanen. For certain product, one of the mandatory requirements for use of any materials is biocompatibility. It means that biomaterials must perform its function without eliciting toxic or injurious effect on biological systems. Securing this is easier with virgin materials and thus a challenge for reuse of materials. 


However, products and production can be made more sustainable. “We are already taking steps to ensure the longevity of products we design and manufacture by utilising maintenance services more than before; we want them to serve their purpose as long as possible,” Riuttanen explains.  


There is still a lot to improve. Preserving the environment and building responsible value chains is in line with Innokas Medical’s mission of improve people´s lives through our work and responsibility is one of our core values. Riuttanen acknowledges Innokas Medical’s exceptionally significant role in promoting circular design on the field.  


“As we do both design and manufacturing for our clients, we need to take the responsibility over the choices we make that will affect the product's whole life cycle. If we implement the principles of the circular design to our work, our clients also get the competitive advantage of the principles.”  


Innokas Medical’s management is committed to continuous development and the programme also requires the participating companies to invest in developing their operating modes and service design with concrete actions according to practical advice given during the program.  


“We are the people who actualise our company’s values into reality, and this topic interests me personally as well. We do not want sustainability only implemented superficially; we want it as a tangible part of our everyday processes. We are moving with the green transition towards more sustainable growth,” Riuttanen elaborates on the management's commitment to the transition.  


Antti Virtanen from Innokas Medical’s Design Studio, who participates the R&D Track designed for key personnel, is positive about the possibilities as well.  


“I am hoping that with this program, we will get from ideas to concreteness. We want to be able to provide quality consultation about sustainability in product development concerning factors such as material choices, recycling, and production technologies. Understanding and expertise needs to grow, and we are here to make that happen.”   



Details on the Circular Design program

  • The program’s implementation is carried out by Design Forum Finland and Ethica Oy under the guidance of the Finnish Ministry of Environment together with the following partners: VTT, SYKE, Sitra, Frankly Partners, Miltton and Alice Labs
  • The program is aimed at companies from any field looking to address sustainability issues in product design
  • The program will consist of two different tracks: a strategic level for corporate management, including board members, owners and investors, and additionally a track for those involved in product and service development that guide them to practical work