Innokas Medical is among the best places to work in at Finland

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Great Place to Work organization grants Great Place to Work certification to companies whose Trust Index is at 70 or over it.


Great Place to Work is an international program that has guided organizations to develop their organization culture for decades. The certification, which will be granted through the research organized by the GPTW organization, is an internationally recognized recognition showing if employees see the organization as a good workplace.


“In practice, this is one way to measure the employee satisfaction of companies. Through the survey we’re able to get some insights on how our employee experience stacks up. Additionally, it shows how we’re doing when comparing to other same-sized companies”, tells Päivi Toppila, working as Head of HR at Innokas.


Innokas Medical has took part in Great Place to Work research for three times now. Due to the development work the company has done during the past years, Innokas was able to reach the needed Trust Index level and the company was granted with Great Place to Work certification. The certification is been granted to companies whose Trust Index is at 70 or over, showing how many of the employees see the company as good or even excellent place to work.


“We’ve measured the satisfaction of our employees annually through the Great Place to Work survey. By renewing our organizational culture and developing our leadership skills and managerial work, our aim was to develop Innokas among the best places to work in Finland together with our employees”, Toppila tells.


“We’re of course very happy that we were able to reach our target. This year our Trust Index was over 70 so we were granted the certification”, she continues.


Fairness and meaningfulness of the work are Innokas' strengths


The Great Place to Work survey consists of a comprehensive set of questions that explore the perceptions and insights of the employees regarding the company's management and corporate culture. According to the survey, the fairness and the meaningful daily work are Innokas’ core strengths.


“The ethical and moral ground for our daily work is strong; with the high-quality medical devices and services that we develop and manufacture, we can help people to live better and healthier lives. Our employees broadly agree with the meaningfulness of our work and the pride on what we do truly unites us”, Toppila explains.


”Additionally, fairness is being seen as one of the strengths of our organizational culture”, she continues.


The overall results were better in all Innokas locations, but there are some development areas identified for next year as well. The aim is to strengthen the existing methods, which are already in a good shape, but also to identify areas for improvement in the name of continuous improvement.


“It is crucially important to us that our employees are motivated and feel well in their daily working life at Innokas”, Toppila ponders and continues:


“We are truly grateful for the commitment of our employees towards the development of our community, which has made us one of the best workplaces in Finland. The active collaboration and genuine enthusiasm towards the development work have been our strengths when achieving this certification. We have a great team with whom it is great to continue to develop our organization and organizational culture even further in the future”, Toppila concludes.


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