Innokas Medical enthuses girls to the fields of technology

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Innokas participates in You Can! Girls and Technology -program through Technology TET company network.


The aim of You can! Girls and Technology program is to familiarize girls with fields of technology and industries and to grow their personal self-confidence on their know-how. As well as to support  maintaining that confidence in the transitional periods of their education path. The main target group of the project are girls, school faculties and counsellors, employers and companies. Indirect target groups are influencers and decision makers, parents and the media.


Innokas Medical participates to the program and enthuses girls to the fields of technology. As part of the program, there were four trainees working at Innokas Kempele site for one week in the end of November.


“The trainee girls conducted a short survey and created a summary about environmental issues. Additionally, they got themselves familiarized with different kinds of positions and people at Innokas by making some video interviews”, tells Anu Lepistö, who works as Head of Engineering at Innokas. She was one of the supervisors for the girls at Innokas.


“In addition to these, the girls were able to get themselves familiarized with different kind of medical devices Innokas develops and manufactures”, Lepistö continues.


The girls say that the trainee week at Innokas went very well. They feel it eyes-opening to be able to see in very concrete way what kinds of things are being done daily in a medical technology company like Innokas.


“Our first expectations were that there would be a hundred people only working on their computers. But in reality, the tasks in both Design Studio as well as in production were very diverse, and it surprised us completely”, the girls say.


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