Innokas Medical cycles for the fight against the climate change

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Innokas Medical and its personnel will participate in the Cycling Competition (Kilometrikisa in Finnish), which is a playful contest for companies, associations, societies or any other kinds or teams who want to take part in it. The Cycling Competition started on 1st of May and it will be closed at the end of September (on 22nd). The team can consist, for example, of the employees of the certain company.


“Participants will record their cycled kilometers or minutes during the race, raising the total amount of the cycled kilometers or minutes of their team. The winning team is the one who has the biggest amount of kilometers or minutes cycled per participant at the end of the race”, tells Satu Heiskari, who works as Sourcing Manager at Innokas Medical. She is also taking actively part in Innokas TYKY team, which promotes work ability and well-being at work by organizing different kinds of activities and events for Innokas employees.


“We organized the participation in the Cycling Competition with our TYKY team few years ago for the first time. During that race, we gathered altogether almost 13 000 cycled kilometers with the team who took part in this”, Heiskari continues.


Even if there are some prizes for the teams with best results, this is only a playful contest, which mainly enthuses people to cycle more.


Chain Reaction as part of Cycling Competition


In addition to Cycling Competition, Innokas Medical and its personnel will also take part in the Chain Reaction launched by Finnish Red Cross. In the Chain Reaction, the companies and other teams are cycling for the fight against the climate change; the target is to help Southern Africa and Tadzhikistan’s mountain regions, which are suffering from the climate change. The idea of the Chain Reaction is based on the reduction of exhaust emissions, as every cycled 25 kilometers will reduce CO2 emissions by about 4kg. Every company or team taking part in the Chain Reaction will support Finnish Red Cross’ work against the climate change with 1 euro donation for every 25 kilometers cycled.


“Taking part in the Cycling Competition promotes both health and well-being of our employees. Through Chain Reaction, we can carry out our social responsibility as a company”, Elina Rautiola, who is working as Head of Marketing and Communications at Innokas, ponders and continues:


“I am very thankful for our active TYKY team, with wealth of ideas, who is organizing Innokas’ participation both in the Cycling Competition and in the Chain Reaction.”


In the name of promoting health and well-being of people, carrying the social responsibility as a company and supporting the work against the climate change Innokas Medical encourages other companies as well to join both of these contests!


For more information about the Cycling Competition, please go to (only in Finnish):

For more information about the Chain Reaction, please go to (only in Finnish):


Picture source: Finnish Red Cross

Picture of Elina Ihme
Written by Elina Ihme
Head of Marketing and Communications