New employees have joined Innokas Medical’s design team – the targeted recruitment campaigns launched to support Innokas’ growth

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Innokas Medical has further reinforced its know-how in medical device design and development during this autumn. Three new resources have joined Innokas’ mechanical and electronics engineering team, while the team of project managers has grown with one new resource. With the ongoing recruitment campaign Innokas is looking for new resources to join its Design Studio team, resources, which are needed in an internationally growing company like Innokas.

Tuomas Kohonen (B.Sc., Automation Technology) is the newest face in the team of Innokas project managers, with strengths in customer-oriented, international experience and knowledge of agile design methods. In his new role as Project Manager at Innokas, Kohonen takes the overall responsibility of design project planning, execution, leadership and reporting to the customer and Innokas management.

Before his newest position at Innokas, he has worked e.g. in Danfoss in Denmark as Project Manager, as well as in Airix Talotekniikka as Project Engineer. His latest position was at Outotec, where he worked as Automation Specialist with an overall responsibility to create and implement new ideas to company’s product development platform. Kohonen especially looks forward on the new, interesting product development projects he will be able to work with in the future at Innokas – and the opportunity to develop both himself and Innokas working methods in design and development business.

I’ve liked working at Innokas very much! My colleagues and supervisor have supported and instructed me with my new role – in addition, the working atmosphere has been very encouraging and open. All this has helped me to have a good kick-off with my new role here. I’ve also experienced that the working culture at Innokas is very meaningful: it seems that the success of the future is in the hands of every individual employee himself”, Kohonen says and clarifies:

“In addition to developing my personal skills, I’ve been able to take part in developing our working methods through which our team will be able to agile, proactively and competitively develop new products and solutions for our customers’ needs. In addition to interesting working tasks, Innokas really offers opportunities to challenge ourselves within our own working community as well.”

In addition to the new resource in project management, Pekka Heikkinen (B.Sc., Mechanical and Production Engineering), Teemu Aikavuori (M.Sc., Electrical Engineering) and Jukka Ronkainen (M.Sc., Electrical Engineering) have joined Innokas Medical’s mechanical and electronics engineering team during the second half of the year. Additionally, Mikko Salonen started to work at Innokas in the beginning of December. He is finishing his Master’s Thesis in Electrical Engineering and works as a consultant at Innokas customer in Lead System Designer role.

“I have gained a couple of years of experience in medical device development when I was working at GE Healthcare before coming to work at Innokas. It’s very meaningful to me that the devices developed and manufactured produce tangible benefits for both medical staff and patients - that’s why it was a logical choice for me to continue my career in the field”, Salonen tells.

Innokas is looking for new talents to join its Design Studio teams in Helsinki and Kempele

Innokas Medical's comprehensive design and product development services have lately been in a good demand. The growth and development opportunities are significant in international markets as well: according to the latest export report published by Healthtech Finland in the spring, there is a lot of interest in Finland’s high-quality health technology in international markets. That’s why there’s a constant need for new resources in an internationally growing company like Innokas

“As our design and product development services have lately been in a good demand, the team is been reinforced by targeted recruitment campaigns during the past year. We’re also actively keeping our eyes open to find new talents – for which reason we’ve launched a recruitment campaign in the autumn to find the next stars to join our design team. The willingness to grow and develop the business unit is very high”, tells Jenni Tuulos, Head of Innokas Design Studio.

“In Finland, there are some of the world's toughest technology experts available, so we naturally want to provide them a challenging, interesting and meaningful working environment to work in", she continues.

Innokas’ Design Studio business unit currently employs already over 60 people.



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