Mutual benefits of the local cooperation

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Sensapex Oy and Innokas Medical, both of whose headquarters are located in Oulu area, have been satisfied with the two-way customer-supplier relationship. The local cooperation saves time and costs of both parties when during one face-to-face meeting the needs of both parties can be discussed and the two-way deals can be achieved.

Between Innokas Medical and Sensapex, products and services are delivered mutually. While Innokas manufactures and delivers PCB cards to Sensapex’s micromanipulators and attachments, are high-quality plastic parts manufactured at Sensapex’s factory and delivered to Innokas for products Innokas is developing and manufacturing to its other customers.

“We’ve found a huge mutual benefit of the local cooperation. During one meeting we’re able to discuss about our PCB board needs as well as Innokas’ injection molding plastic part needs. Innokas is truly a reliable PCB manufacturing partner; after the first production series ordered in spring 2016, we’ve used only Innokas as our PCB supplier for our current and newly launched products”, tells Lauri Törrö, who works as Business Development Manager at Sensapex.

Sensapex is a Finnish, Oulu-based company focusing on developing and manufacturing world’s most accurate and stable micromanipulators. Company’s products are used e.g. in research organizations and universities where the cell-based research is made and research demands an accurate motion of nanometers.

“Our product development projects are very intensive and usually the prototypes need to be delivered for our customers’ test use quickly. When we chose Innokas Medical, the local and agile actor to be our cooperation partner, we’ve managed to intensify our own operation towards our customers, too, as meetings and deliveries can be organized at a fast schedule. We see especially quality and on time delivery as key factors when manufacturing and delivering PCB’s – and Innokas has been a reliable partner also when indicating their performance through these factors”, Törrö continues.

In 2015 Sensapex expanded their operation by acquiring RPC Oy, whose plastics factory machines and experienced personnel were moved under Sensapex brand. At that time, a small prototype factory specializing in small industrial series, was established in the Oulu technology village, where Sensapex nowadays provides engineering and manufacturing services for the custom plastic parts, short production runs and volume manufacturing for plastic parts. One of their customers is Innokas.

“Sensapex RPC is one of our plastic part suppliers: the company manufactures injection molding plastic parts for several products we’re developing and manufacturing for our customers. In addition, they’ve provided us quick 3D models to help us with an urgent product development project phases – as well as silicone molded small series with fast delivery and competitive price. We’ve been satisfied with Sensapex’s flexible service and agile response in different demand situations”, tells Mikko Kangas, Account Director at Innokas.

The relationship between Innokas Medical and Sensapex is not maybe the most traditional relationship between customer and supplier, but the successful cooperation between the parties have been formed by mutual trust and understanding of the needs of both parties, and the smooth way of acting. Both Sensapex and Innokad Medical have experienced the mutual benefits of the local cooperation.

”There has been a lot of different kind of projects between Innokas and Sensapex, and we both have experienced our cooperation has worked very well; it’s been smooth and open, and the shortages have been recovered by finding solutions quickly. This is prerequisite for a successful and long-term relationship”, Törrö concludes.

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Written by Elina Ihme
Head of Marketing and Communications
Medical Device Manufacturing, Customer Success Story