Innokas Medical’s spring full of fairs and events has been a success  

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Innokas Medical participated to many different fairs and events during the past spring. The fair / event calendar for the spring was more full than usually as Innokas’ sales and marketing team participated even eight different happenings in Finland and abroad.

”When we were building the quarter-year-clock for the fair and event participation for this spring, we wanted to be active especially with the trade fairs and networking events arranged in Scandinavia. In addition, the bigger medical sector trade fairs arranged in Germany are usually interesting and useful as those ones gathers notoriously a lot of companies in the field to visit and network at the fairgrounds. We evaluated the most relevant happenings for us and in some fairs we built a small booth there and in other ones we were just as visitors getting ourselves familiarized with the events”, tells Innokas’ Marketing Manager Elina Rautiola.

There were total of three different fairs and events abroad during the spring, where Innokas participated. Two of them were arranged in Germany: first Innokas sales team travelled in Stuttgart to visit one of the biggest dental fairs, IDS (International Dental Show), and little bit later they participated in MedTec Europe fair. In addition to German ones, Innokas visited the Danish networking event Medico Bazar in March, too.

“We participated the IDS trade fair for the first time. It is one of the biggest dental shows in Europe, so we decided to get ourselves familiarized with it and with the companies participating the fair. The fair was definitely worth of visiting and seeing – even if there were also lot of mechanical product providers, which are not in Innokas customer focus”, tells Innokas’ Account Manager Antti Virtanen.

“Medico Bazar was also a new event for us. It gathered together Danish medical device startup-companies to network with each other, to present their innovations and ideas and to find cooperation partners. The participation was a great success and we got numerous new sales leads with whom we’ve continued discussions after the event. We’ve planned to participate Medic Bazar again next year, too”, he continues.

Networking and relationship building in Finnish events

In addition to abroad ones, Innokas’ sales and marketing team participated in five different fairs and events in Finland during the spring: Healthtech Invest Europe and Upgraded Life Festival –networking events in Helsinki, Arrow IoT Summit in Vantaa, Health DemoDate networking event in Oulu as well as in international conference, EMBEC17/NBC17, in Tampere. Rautiola sees the domestic fairs and events as great places to get in touch and meet a lot of customers and cooperation partners during one day.

“The Finnish healthcare technology network is active to participate in different kinds of field specific events and fairs arranged in Finland, so the comprehensive visibility on the Finnish healthcare technology field is usually guaranteed in such happenings. In addition, the domestic happenings have formed to be an excellent channel for Innokas to meet and discuss with our current customers, cooperation partners and other contacts”, Rautiola says and continues:

“All in all, the spring full of fair and event participation was a success. The fairs and events brought altogether over dozen of new sales leads to further follow-up, which contributes to a successful fair participations during the spring. We are currently planning the second-half-year fair participation, so we will have some kind of summer holiday from fairs and events now and we will be back in trade fair mode again in the coming autumn.”

Picture of Elina Ihme
Written by Elina Ihme
Head of Marketing and Communications
Fairs & Events