Thea Aulik has enjoyed working at Innokas Tallinn factory

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Innokas Medical’s Team Leader in Tallin factory, Thea Aulik: ”At Innokas we’re solving all the facing problems together, and the supervisors support us in challenging situations. That’s one thing I appreciate most in our working community.”

Innokas Medical opened its first factory in Rakvere, Estonia already in 2006. Afterwards all of Innokas operations in Estonia has been moved to Innokas Tallinn factory, which was established few years ago. One of the Innokas’ employees in Estonia, Thea Aulik, has been working at Innokas already since 2007 – first at Innokas Rakvere factory and today in Tallinn. Aulik graduated first with a professional graduation in printing, but became interested in electronics in the end of 1990 and has now accumulated almost 20 year of experience within electronics industry until today.

Innokas opened its first manufacturing factory in Rakvere, Estonia in 2006 with its cooperation partner. The factory in Rakvere focused mainly on the production of PCBs. In 2012 Innokas started to expand its presence in Estonia as Innokas opened a new factory in Tallinn to work closely together with Innokas’ Rakvere factory and enabling Innokas to manufacture complete medical devices in Estonia. Afterwards all of Innokas operations in Estonia has been moved to Innokas Tallinn factory where Innokas manufactures cost efficiently medical devices to its customers from PCB assembly to final assembly and testing. Like all the other manufacturing sites, Innokas Tallinn factory has also the FDA-registration as well as ISO9001 and ISO13485 -certificates.

Innokas Tallin factory currently employs about 50 people. One of Innokas’ employees in Tallinn, Thea Aulik, has worked at Innokas already since 2007, when Aulik started at Innokas Rakvere production as a Team Leader. Aulik supervised the daily work of her team and participated in the production of the assembly units as well. Today Aulik works as a Team Leader at Innokas Tallinn production, where she leads the daily work of the production team and organizes the tasks regarding the production of Innokas customer’s products. of . She feels that the great working atmosphere as well as nice colleagues has affected her enjoyment.

“The working atmosphere at our Tallinn factory is very good, so I’ve really enjoyed working at Innokas. Both my supervisor and colleagues are very nice, and the cooperation with them has always been straightforward”, Aulik tells.

From printing expert to electronics field

As an original profession Aulik is a printing expert. He studied at Tallinn vocational school, and after graduation she worked as an assistant at Tallinn printing house for few years. In 1997 Aulik moved to Finland and became interested in electronics. Following her mother’s footsteps Aulik went to work at Printeq where she started to work within different kind of PCB production tasks. In the beginning of 2000 Aulik moved back to Estonia and decided to continue her career within electronics as she has interested of the field and gained some working experience when living and working in Finland. First she worked as a Team Leader at Electro-Hill’s electronics production for seven years and then started to work at Innokas.

“When I lived in Finland I worked at PCB production at Finnish electronics company Printeq for four years. Working within electronics was very pleasant and it felt interesting, so when I moved back to Estonia I decided to continue my career in the field. Since then I’ve worked in different roles within electronics production, and I really like my job”, Aulik tells.

Aulik feels the most challenging thing in her work is to solve different kind of problems and organize things. To counterbalance between work and free-time, Aulik spends her leisure time engaging in different kinds of sports and reading books.

“The most challenging thing in my work is to be able to organize different kind of customer order related issues. I need to ensure that all the tasks are shared equally to my team members – no matter if the situation in our production quieter or did the forecast of the needed amount of products increased suddenly. But in Innokas we’re really solving all the facing problems together, and the supervisors supports us in challenging situations. That’s one thing I appreciate most in our working community. On my free-time I like to go swimming and biking, and every day I go walking with my dog. I also love reading. My versatile hobbies bring me the counterbalance to my work”, Aulik concludes.

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