Innokas Medical participated in the Biohacker Summit 2015 –event in Helsinki

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Innokas Medical took part in the Biohacker Summit 2015 –event that was arranged on September 24th in Helsinki, Finland. Biohacker Summit is one of the most important annual events in Finland in the field of health and wellbeing technology. The main themes in the event were optimal performance and wellbeing, and these were discussed from the perspectives of digitalization, mobile applications, Internet of Things and wearable technology.

”There was a very forefront atmosphere at Biohacker Summit! It looks like the trend is moving away from patients passively receiving health instructions and advice more towards pro-active self-monitoring, where people can themselves monitor and improve their own wellbeing. Especially the quality of sleep and the other aspects of wellbeing, such as stress level and recovery monitoring with different vital signs parameters appear to have gained a strong footprint in Finland”, says Sanna Tuononen, Industrial Designer at Innokas Medical.

Innokas had a stand at the event, where Innokas’ medical device design and manufacturing services were presented, and new relationships with representatives of other participating companies were built. Innokas Medical’s Marketing Coordinator Elina Ihme says that Innokas met some new potential customers at Biohacker Summit.

”In the event, both health technology and healthy food were represented. The major part of the visitors appeared to be mainly interested in food, but fortunately there were visitors who were also interested in technology. At times it was quiet at our stand, when interesting key note speakers attracted the visitors from the exhibition area to the presentation rooms, but we did meet some new potential customers at the event”, explains Ihme.

Also Antti Virtanen, who was recently appointed as Account Manager at Innokas Medical, participated in Biohacker Summit, and it was his first exhibition where he represented Innokas’ sales team. Virtanen thinks that the exhibition went well for Innokas, and he found that sales work is much easier and much more fun at an exhibition, because new potential customers can be contacted face-to-face instead of phone calls and e-mails.

“I think we did well in representing Innokas at Biohacker Summit, though most of the visitors were not potential customers for us. The exhibition brought good change to my daily working routine, and it gave me also an opportunity to network, to learn more about the biohacking scene and also potential new customers. It was much easier to initiate discussions with customers at the exhibition compared with contacting them over the phone or by e-mail”, recalls Virtanen.

Biohacker Summit attracted some 500 visitors from 20 different countries, and the visitors consisted of industry, students, academics and press representatives. In addition to exhibitors, the visitors were entertained by several interesting key note speakers with presentations about the main themes of the event. The next Biohacker Summit will take place on November 17-18th 2016 in Helsinki, Finland.

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Written by Elina Ihme
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