Eero Heikkinen was appointed Innokas Medical’s CFO

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Eero Heikkinen (M.Sc. Economics) has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer at Innokas Medical. As CFO, Heikkinen is responsible for financial administration and financing, and he is also a member of Innokas Medical’s management team. Heikkinen is also leading the development of Innokas’ IT business platform.

Heikkinen started in his position already in February 2015, and before joining us he acted as CFO at Elisa Videra and experienced rapid international growth. He also has controlling experience from Draka Finland, PKC Group and Ojala Group. Heikkinen feels that his new job at Innokas offers suitable challenges, and he thinks that his earlier experiences could be beneficial in his new responsibilities at Innokas.

”I would characterize myself as a person who lives on challenges. In my opinion Innokas is ready to take significant steps on our path to new successes – and this path is filled with challenges. My earlier working experiences e.g. from Elisa Videra will certainly help me in solving them”, Heikkinen says.

Heikkinen tells that he has enjoyed working at Innokas. Though he hasn’t been onboard for more than a few months, his new colleagues have already given a good impression on him.

”I have to say that I have really loved working at Innokas! Especially my exceptionally energetic colleagues have made a great impression on me”, tells Heikkinen.

As a friend of a variety of sports, Heikkinen values Innokas Medical’s long history and the long term work that has been done over the years in order to grow the company. He hopes – and also believes – that he can for his part continue building Innokas future success story.

”It is really the people that work here who define what kind of company Innokas is. I admire greatly all the people that have over the years personally enabled the growth of the company. I hope, and I also believe that I can for my part successfully continue this work in the future also”, Heikkinen concludes.

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