Jenni Tuulos was appointed Innokas' Helsinki Site Engineering Manager

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Marjut Andtfolk, who has headed Innokas Medical’s Engineering Department since 2012, decided to take on new challenges in late July. Jenni Tuulos was appointed Innokas Medical’s Helsinki Site Engineering Manager to replace Andtfolk.

Tuulos came to work at Innokas in 2009, at first to work as a Project Manager. Before moving to lead Innokas’ Engineering Department in Helsinki, Tuulos worked as an Account Manager on Innokas’ sales team. As an Account Manager, Tuulos negotiated with Innokas’ Key Customers regarding continuation of current R&D and manufacturing services as well as new projects. As an Engineering Manager, she works as supervisor for the Helsinki office’s engineering team, and is also responsible for planning resource allocations and recruitment services for Innokas’ Engineering Department together with Kempele’s Engineering Manager, Anu Lepistö. Tuulos is also responsible for the general matters of the Helsinki office. Tuulos has takenher new position with enthusiasm.

“I have really liked my new role, even though this job as any other job also involves taking care of difficult matters. But I have to say that I have a great and very competent team! And cooperation with my colleague in Kempele, Anu Lepistö, has been seamless”, she says.

As a superior, Tuulos wants to invest especially in inspiring and motivating employees.

“I would like to be easy to approach as a superior. In managing people it is also important to take employee inspiration and motivation into consideration—I want to place even more effort in this in the future”, she explains.

Tuulos officially started in her new role at the end of June. Following her appointment, her former customer responsibilities were distributed to manufacturing and design services as well as the sales team.

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