Estonias's operation expands

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Innokas Medical is expanding its operation in Estonia. A new plant has been set up in Tallinn—it is currently being prepared for production. The plant will be taken into use by the end of the year. Staff recruitment is underway.

Plant manager Valter Ritso says the Tallinn plant will diversify and expand Innokas Medical’s operation in Estonia. The plant will design and manufacture subassemblies and final assemblies and conduct final testing. Innokas Medical’s current Estonian plant in Rakvere will mainly concentrate on PCB manufacturing.

“Some operations will be moved from Rakvere to Tallinn. This is a question of optimizing production and will not have any impact on Rakvere’s operating volumes over the long term,” says Ritso.

Until now Innokas Medical has not manufactured complete medical devices in Estonia, but now it will be possible—either from beginning to end in Tallinn or beginning in Rakvere and ending in Tallinn.

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Written by Elina Ihme
Head of Marketing and Communications
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