More capacity and quality on PCB assembly

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The capacity and quality of the PCB assembly line in Innokas Medical’s Kempele plant were boosted by means of new investments. The plant has a new vapor phase reflow oven and a new paste printing machine.

Production Manager Marko Kellolampi says the new machines themselves already increase speed and precision.

“Added value comes from the fact that with the new equipment we can set up two completely independent production lines. Before we used to run two machine lines through one oven and one paste machine,” Kellolampi says.

The new vapor phase reflow oven makes it easier to solder more difficult products on the PCB line. They include assemblies where the PCB has a large mass, large differences in mass, or particularly challenging components. Innokas Medical’s prototype production is also run through the new oven.

The SMD line in the Kempele plant also has four new component turrets. They speed up storage and gathering of SMD components.

“The turrets are storage automats. The retrieve and store components based on bar codes at the beginning and end of the line. Automation speeds up production and reduces the risk of incorrect gathering, which sometimes happened with conventional shelf storage,” Kellolampi explains.

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