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A new PCB assembly line improves the flexibility of Innokas Medical's operation.

Innokas Medical's Kempele plant has undergone a transformation this spring. The old PCB assembly line was moved to the other side of the hall and a new line was erected next to it, positioned so that both lines use the same oven and "paste" printing machine.

The new assembly line is an important investment for Innokas Medical, as it increases production capacity and flexibility and improves the quality of operation. According to operator Janne Sarajärvi, the technology of assembly machines has advanced since the old line was taken into use about ten years ago.

"The new line is faster and easier to program and its user interfaces are better. Flexibility, not maximum speed, was the main reason for the investment. We change products on the line many times a day, and in that respect the new line has more intelligence. For example, it automatically knows where in the machine components are located at any given moment," Sarajärvi explains.

The more intelligent line improves the quality of operation. Yet, Sarajärvi reminds us that Innokas Medical has always produced quality. Innokas Medical has never cut corners, but improving quality is part of the company's quality policy.

The demand for PCBs in products manufactured by Innokas Medical has grown robustly. A little over a year ago the company had one assembly line, located in Kempele. A second line was taken into use when the Rakvere plant in Estonia was expanded, and now the third line is situated in Kempele.

Innokas Medical has been providing supplementary training for its staff in Kempele and fine-tuning the new line since the beginning of this year. The new line will run in two shifts. The old line and the Rakvere line will be run in one shift. Thus there is plenty of spare capacity, and Innokas Medical will be able to respond to increased demand quickly

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