Innokas Medical will participate in Yrityspäivät -event!

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Innokas will participate in Yrityspäivät 2018 -event which will be held in Tampere on 7th to 8th February.

Yrityspäivät is the largest networking and recruitment event for university and college students in Finland. The event is organized at the University of Tampere (on February 7th), and at Tampere University of Technology (on February 8th), gathering altogether over 100 companies and organizations and thousands of students to network and meet each other.

Innokas will participate the event on 8th February at Tampere University of Technology. Innokas will have it’s own booth at the event, but will arrange also a workshop session for students. Innokas Medical's workshop takes place on Thursday 8.2. at 13-15 in Tietotalo TC133The workshop is Room Escape Game where you have to solve interesting problems - so if you want to try something new and fun, welcome to Innokas Medical’s workshop to get some new experience! The best players will get a prize! 

There are 2 rounds starting at 1 pm and 2 pm, and the maximum number of participants per round is 10 persons. If you have taken part previous year please give place to new students.

Sign in here:

Round 1 (max. 10 person) at 13.00-14.00:

Round 2 (max 10 person) at 14.00-15.00:

Welcome friends and everyone who is interested to have a little chat with Innokas’ representatives in Yrityspäivät -event in Tampere! For more information about Innokas’ participation, please contact Elina Rautiola (Marketing & Communications Manager):

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Written by Elina Ihme
Head of Marketing and Communications
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