Innokas Medical will participate in Digital Health Nordic -event!

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Innokas will participate in Digital Health Nordic 2018 -event, held in Helsinki in February. The event focuses on the co-operation opportunities and partnerships between all the players in private and public sector, and it will be held in Helsinki, Kattilahalli on 13th to 14th February.

The event will provide a unique look at the role of technology in advancing modern medicine, healthcare and wellness. At the epicenter of technological change, the event provides also a chance for everyone in the healthcare industry to learn, network, and share how technology can help provide better health outcomes. Other main themes of the event are e.g. IoT, robotics, AI, wearables and mobile health.

Innokas will have it's own Lounge at the event – in addition,  Jouni Toijala (CEO at Innokas Medical) and Henrik Ekman (Global Product Manager at GE Healthcare Finland) will share some thoughts on how to embrace change in the medical device industry and how to turn the increasing industry complexity and speed of change to a competitive advantage (13th Feb, main stage, starting at 13.35).

Welcome friends and everyone who is interested to have a little chat with Innokas’ representatives in Digital Health Nordic -event! For more information about Innokas’ participation, please contact Elina Rautiola (Marketing & Communications Manager):

Please read more about the event here:

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Written by Elina Ihme
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