Health Business Breakfast - Agile co-creation in medical software creation

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Innokas Medical and BusinessOulu/OuluHealth are arranging Health Business Breakfast event in Oulu in the middle of June. Welcome to listen, discuss and network with the professionals in the field!



Tuesday 18.6.2019, 8.30 – 11.00


Kirkkotorin koulutuskeskus, Asemakatu 5, Oulu


Agile co-creation in medical software creation


English or Finnish, depending on the audience (English is been used if needed, but if all of the participants speaks and listens Finnish fluently, we will use Finnish then)



We’re living in an amazing world where the new technologies and the science itself enable new kinds of miracles happen in saving peoples’ lives and in improving their well-being. In recent years, one of the main growing trends in the medical field has been software. Due this, different kinds of design challenges, which were previously solved by mechanical and hardware solutions, are now more and more being solved with software. Additionally, the role of connectivity and wireless features in future medical devices will increase software complexity even more.


Due to this trend, the companies need to be able to develop even more complex solutions, but still allow maintainability and testability over the long life-cycle of a medical device - while at the same time meeting the growing regulatory requirements as well as end users’ needs. Additionally, the development cycles should be closer to consumer electronics and allow agility for changes.


Thus, keeping up with the global competition requires continuous development work from companies – both in software development itself but also in their SW competences, SW testing procedures and working practices.


Welcome to listen and discuss about the topic in Innokas Medical’s and OuluHealth’s Health Business Breakfast! The aim of the event is to share ideas and experiences on software as part of regulated medical devices - processes, competences and ways of working to support the development.



08:30 Breakfast

09:00 Opening words: Minna Komu, BusinessOulu/OuluHealth

09:10 Agile co-creation of next generation medical devices - how to ensure the compliancy with increasing regulatory and industry complexity: Jenni Tuulos / Innokas Medical Ltd.

09:40 Software as part of regulated medical devices - processes, competences and ways of working to support the agile development: Antti Siipola / Innokas Medical Ltd.

10:20 Q&A, networking

11:00 The event ends



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