Free Webinar: Standard Compliance – a Must or a Myth?

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Innokas Medical has launched free webinar series to share ideas and experiences around medical device design and development, manufacturing as well as quality and regulatory matters. In our 11th webinar we will discuss about the Standard Compliance. Welcome to join us!



Standard Compliance – a Must or a Myth?



Thursday 17th June 9:00 - 10:00 (Finnish time) @ online Teams meeting (detailed information on how to dial in will follow before the event to registered participants)







Registration closed



What, why, and how? Checklists, accredited testing, type testing, CB scheme, certification, NRTL…? Is it not enough to juggle with multiple different sets of regulatory requirements all differing from each other? Why would you ever want to include standards to the already vaste amount of requirements you need to comply with as they are not mandatory? What is enough?

Medical device manufacturers face a wall of regulations that are either common to all medical devices or specific to the type of their medical device. They need to be able to navigate in this jungle of requirements to ensure they do enough. But what is enough? Join us to discuss the role of standards in medical device design, development, and manufacturing, and in the process of legal market entry!

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