An agile co-creation of software and data-driven solutions for regulated medical devices – Innokas launches the Digious brand

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Healthcare technology is one of the largest high-tech export segments of Finnish industry, and it continues to grow strongly year after year. In addition to growth, the industry is evolving with various global trends. One of these is digitalization, which is revolutionizing the future of healthcare, requiring continuous development and investments from companies. As a result of the development work executed at Innokas, the company has now launched a new business concept and brand, Digious, which co-creates the next generation data-driven solutions and software for regulated medical devices to the market.

The healthcare technology industry is evolving with various global trends - like digitalization, which is revolutionizing the future of patient care. Thus, the number of medical devices including software and data-driven features is growing at an accelerating pace creating competitive edge for businesses and products. With new solutions, significant cost savings can be achieved through, e.g., preventive patient care. Additionally, the support to make better health related decision-making can be offered.


“I see data analytics, machine learning and AI built-in connected devices will have a huge impact on how diseases are prevented, and how patients are treated in the future. When one further adds the burdensome and complicated regulation governing health technology, one has a very complex but interesting equation to solve - in which we definitely want to be involved in”, says Antti Kaltiainen, who has worked as CTO at Innokas from last autumn onwards.


Keeping up with the global competition requires continuous development and investments from companies. Keeping this in mind, Innokas Medical’s Design Studio has continuously reinforced its in-house digital healthcare solutions know-how; the existing trends and customers’ needs are being taken into account in both development work and recruitments. As one major part of this development work, Innokas has now launched a new business concept and brand, Digious, which co-creates the next generation data-driven solutions and software for regulated medical devices to the market.


“I believe that the various forms of digitalization are taking over the industry faster than we expect. With next generation solutions, we’re able to streamline the daily work of healthcare professionals and, of course, to create new kinds of business opportunities to our customers. At its best, we’ll also be able to prevent onset of diseases and improve peoples’ lives. Thus, I see the changes taking place in our industry will create significant business opportunities for all of us”, Kaltiainen ponders and continues:


“By launching this new brand and business concept, our aim is to help our customers to succeed through digital transformation in better and more efficient ways.”


Digious’ eyes are on the future


Why Digious? Well, as behind every brand name, Digious has its own and unique story as well; Digious was created around a clear vision to build the digital future for better healthcare. The team strongly believe in that improvements in patient care quality and people´s lives can be achieved by bringing data and digital healthcare solutions to life – which is one of the driving forces for Digious team.


”Digious’ original roots run deep to over 27 years of experience, as it operates as innovative, digital part of a growing healthcare technology company Innokas Medical. When combining Digious’ strong SW, IoT, AI/ML and Data Analytics expertise with Innokas’ competences around electrical & mechanical engineering, UX design as well as QA/RA, risk & project management, we’re a full-service provider in all areas of regulated software and data-driven solutions design”, tells Elina Ihme, working as Head of Marketing & Communications at Innokas Medical.


“As a name, Digious combines our passion towards our vision with our curious state of minds; in addition to inspiring us to learn and discover something new, curiosity also gives us the courage – and means – to explore and build significant improvements for future digital healthcare”, she continues.


The combination of the brand name and logo design created during the branding work tells the story about Digious' communality and co-creation mindset around digital healthcare.


“We’re exploring the world of digital healthcare together as a team and together with our customers. One of the driving forces behind our operation is the communality, co-creation and passion towards digital transformation; digi loves us, we love digi -theme can be seen in our storytelling through our logo design as well”, Ihme states.


Better outcome by co-creation


While software and digitalization enable the co-creation of next generation digital solutions, it brings a whole new range of challenges for companies working in the field – and for those, as well, who are aiming to enter the field. One of the challenges is the strict and compelling regulations governing healthcare technology with the aim to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the solutions. Quality driven medical software and co-creation mindsets as well as associated practices are Digious’ cornerstones in helping customers to succeed.


“We are a full-service provider in all areas of medical software and data-driven solutions design and development. Together with our talented partner- and subcontractor network, we’re able to complete our customers’ know-how by extending their R&D and QA&RA competences with our scalable service center model. We’re able to deliver the SW as a service, or resource their on-site team with our experts”, Kaltiainen explains.


“Quality Driven” signifies that the specific requirements and the regulatory framework are identified early on and the conformance is built effectively along the development life cycle. Requirements and the regulatory framework are applied in Software as part of Medical Device (Embedded SW), Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and Data-Driven Healthcare solutions as well.


“Through Innokas Medical’s +27 years of experience, we’re able to help our customers to succeed with all QA&RA matters as well”, Kaltiainen tells and continues:


“These novel ways we’re co-creating with our customers are needed to help people to stay healthy longer and to make better healthcare related decisions. We feel it is a privilege to be a part of such a mission for an industry.”


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