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Senior Engineer, Electronics

Tee työtä, jolla on tarkoitus – have a job with a purpose. This used to be the recruitment slogan of Defense forces in Finland. Good news! We have a similar offer but with different content! If you want to do something, which really is improving the quality of life and people’s well-being, then you might be the next star in our Design Studio team in Kempele! Innokas Medical is a growing healthcare technology company.

Now we are looking for new talent to strengthen our team; Senior Engineer, Electronics

Because only the best is good enough for our clients, in your role as Senior Engineer, Electronics you would be responsible for the full process of specifying, developing and verifying of electronic systems for medical devices. You will work closely with the project team and our customers.

Tasks and responsibilities would typically be such as; identifying design and system requirements, designing, prototyping and testing high-reliability power and embedded control systems, preparing documentation etc.

Like you might guess, previous experience of similar tasks could offer you an excellent base for the job. Familiarity with embedded system design, RF design, sensors and simulations are also beneficial. We can’t wait to hear, what you would have to offer for this kind of position! And even more importantly, what sets you on fire?


Besides the salary, we’ll offer you good benefits and flexible working environment. You would be having a great and supportive team, where sharing ideas and doing together is everyday life.
If you want to join an interesting and growing company on the field of healthcare technology, please send your application and CV by email to as soon as possible, but latest by 23rd May 2018. Don’t wait too long, we’ll start to go through applications immediately! Please mark your email with "Senior Engineer, Electronics” title. Read more about us: !

Innokas Medical produces healthcare technology design projects and products both to leading international companies and domestic growth companies. We offer high-quality design and manufacturing services. We focus on implementing solutions for difficult issues, which provide benefit to our customers throughout the whole product lifecycle. We have offices in the Oulu region, in Helsinki and in Estonia.

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Written by Elina Rautiola
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