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Innokas Medical further reinforced its sales team after the summer vacation when Antti Virtanen (M.Sc., Electrical Engineering) was appointed as Innokas Medical’s Account Manager. Virtanen has been working for Innokas’ Design Services as a Project Manager since 2012 with overall responsibility of design project planning, execution, leadership and reporting to the customer. From now on Virtanen is taking half of his working time to work also in Innokas’ sales team. Virtanen’s primary task in sales is to expand Innokas Medical’s sales with new customers. He is also in charge of negotiating with Innokas’ existing customers regarding continuation of current R&D and manufacturing services as well as new projects. Virtanen has eagerly started working in his new position, and has positive expectations regarding his new job.

“My new role in sales is very inspiring – I will surely face interesting new challenges! Once I started in my new role I’ve been able to learn even more about Innokas’ full service offering, pricing models and contracts. As Account Manager, I’ve noticed I have a much better holistic view of our operational model than when I was working full-time as Project Manager”, tells Virtanen.

Innokas’ main challenge from the perspective of top-line growth is internationalization. Virtanen itself became familiar with the international business environment already when he was studying as an exchange student abroad. First he studied one year in the USA, and later one year in Austria. In his Project Manager positions earlier at GE Healthcare and now at Innokas, Virtanen has managed several international and global design projects. He believes that his earlier work experience will help him in his new challenges in Innokas’ sales.

”I’m not completely new to sales as Project Manager I’ve also been doing loads of sales work. I believe that my earlier working experience at Innokas and GE Healthcare will benefit me in my challenges in sales, because as Project Manager I’ve grown accustomed to working in the customer interface as the first point of contact for our customers, and also in global design projects with multiple design teams and stakeholders”, reflects Virtanen.

Virtanen has worked at Innokas already for several years, and he says he has enjoyed working at Innokas. He is looking forward to both new, interesting challenges in leading new design projects, and the experience of succeeding in sales.

”I’ve liked working at Innokas very much! I think that our company has a good spirit and people are getting along well. Today, working in two roles creates challenges related to time allocation, but both roles are very pleasing. In design, I really like to dig into the details of technical matters, so I can create a good understanding of the whole subject and challenge the project team on a very detailed level. On the other hand, in sales it is most pleasing to work with customers and to present solutions to their challenges. I experience the best feelings with customers when I notice that I’ve been able to make the customer satisfied”, summarizes Virtanen.

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