HLD endorses Innokas as a reliable and skilled business partner

Innokas Medical Business Blog

HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd is a Finnish company in the field of Health Technology, and their treatment represents the newest technology in the industry. HLD’s objective is to promote clinically proven treatments that create positive outcomes for the patient, caregiver and the service provider. HLD has developed two medical devices called PhysioTouch and LymphaTouch as tools to support physiotherapy and lymphatic therapy. The devices can be utilized for significantly improving patients’ quality of life by reducing pain and swelling, and by improvement movement ranges. The devices are used especially for treating lymphatic edema, post-surgical swelling, fibrosis and scars. The treatment is also used for athletes’ in muscle care and treating sports injuries. The devices have already stabilized their position as standard tools for health care professional.

Innokas Medical has been HLD’s partner in the design of LymphaTouch and PhysioTouch devices, and is also HLD’s partner in manufacturing the devices. According to Tapani Taskinen, the Founder of HLD, Innokas was selected as the design and manufacturing partner because of Innokas’ experience and industry knowhow. Also Innokas quality systems expertise was one selection criteria.

“The most important criteria affecting the choice were experience and know-how in medical device design and contract manufacturing. Also Innokas’ expertise in quality system standards required for entry into the markets in both Europe and the USA was one selection criteria”, says Taskinen.

Taskinen feels that the co-operation with Innokas has worked well. In particular, he wants to emphasize Innokas flexibility, and the successfully completed design projects and transfers to manufacturing.

“Innokas’ project team worked systematically but flexibly with us. We were able to finish product development and transfer to manufacturing in record time thanks to close collaboration with Innokas team. After the transfer to manufacturing, the order-delivery process has worked efficiently. Innokas Medical is a reliable and professional business partner”, conludes Taskinen.