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Innokas Medical further reinforced its sales team after the summer vacation. Antti Tolvanen (M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering) began his job as Innokas Medical’s Key Account Manager. Tolvanen’s primary task is to expand Innokas Medical’s sales with new customers abroad. He is also in charge of increasing sales to one of Innokas Medical’s key customers. Tolvanen has positive expectations regarding his new job and tasks at Innokas Medical.

“I have liked my job at Innokas Medical very much! My colleagues have extended me a warm welcome and have been ready to help, for which I am very grateful. I am particularly waiting to meet many new customers and expect to be working intensively with customers and my great colleagues at Innokas Medical in preparing offers”, says Tolvanen.

Tolvanen has accumulated lengthy, diversified work experience before coming to Innokas Medical. His former jobs include after-sales service business development at Outotec, clinical systems sales at GE Healthcare, and management consulting at both Vectia and Accenture. Tolvanen has also done consulting work as an independent entrepreneur. One slightly different, yet quite interesting item in Tolvanen’s résumé is his three-year career as an opera singer before coming to Innokas Medical.

“I’ve been singing opera as a hobby for fifteen years. In 2011 I started fulfilling my long-term dream of being an opera singer, and over a three-year period I learned by heart most of Richard Wagner’s leading tenor roles and auditioned for those roles in Germany, Switzerland, and England. I actually achieved everything in Wagner’s repertoire—except time on stage. So, in the end I didn’t find any work as an opera singer, and now I’m glad to be back in the medical device business and working for Innokas Medical”, he explains.

Tolvanen feels his lengthy, diversified work experience and earlier experience in healthcare technology will help him in his new challenges at Innokas Medical.

“My prior experience at GE Healthcare, where my sales job familiarized me with medical devices and taught me to understand the daily work of different personnel groups in hospitals, will certainly benefit me in my new tasks at Innokas Medical. In addition, when I think about my new job I feel my experiences in professional services, the process industry, and customer-oriented sales are also important”, Tolvanen ponders.

As a friend of singing and a variety of sports, Tolvanen believes his career as an opera singer honed his people understanding and that this will benefit him in future challenges.

“During my leisure time I like being outdoors, and especially skiing in winter. When I was younger I played basketball every day; now I try to sing at little every day. During my singing career I learned the importance of empathy, respect for other people, and encouragement. I will certainly need these traits in my new job”, Tolvanen says.

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